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Welcome to Artisan Revival, my name is Paula. I am a mother of six, Military Wife, Habitual DIYer and Designer. I have an extreme love obsession for the house and everything that goes into making it a home - from remodeling and furniture refinishing to custom furniture design. I have a vast selection of skills and the imagination to turn ordinary projects into extraordinary inspirations.

I am a hands on girl willing to take on any project that revolves around painting in a number of mediums to full on construction and everything in between. I love to paint on canvas and furniture, as well as grab a sledge hammer and tear down a wall. I am able to see past the surface of an object to help it achieve its true potential and second life. I love to up-cycle objects; transforming them into new pieces for the home and turning homes into works of art. From the initial design through the tear down and remodeling, finished with an effortlessly casual and put-together feel.

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