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Diving In

I guess it is that time. I never thought that I would end up blogging, but here I am. I have always wanted to own a store, do my craft and sell my art. However, time has not been very generous and I have found little to none of it to start such a venture. Which drove me to the conclusion that, being as a physical store is not in my immediate future, an online boutique and blog may just be the starting point I need in order to get my feet wet.

I am a mother of six children, and a military wife. So as I am sure you can imaging, I have lots going on. I do however, try to always make time for myself and my love for being creative and using my hands. Its really therapeutic for me to get my hands dirty and create. Whether it be crafts, decorating, renovating or gardening. Completely submersing myself in creativity helps with the everyday stress of motherhood and deployments.

I began the concept for Artisan Revival in 2004. I am working on taking what was an idea, business name, and Logo drawn on scratch paper back then to fruition. Please join me on my journey to doing what I love and bringing my style to life. I know the blogging world is full of DIY projects and interior design pictures. My goal is to keep things fresh, new, and up-to-date. So Please be patient and follow along while I perfect this blog!

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